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 (BT / Big Tony (Vocals) My first release was made in Germany and released in Belgium, Holland and France “Bubble Up” (Rap) Then went on to do “Let the music play”, “Ecstasy” and “Can’t get Enough of your Love Babe” blessed by the legendary Barry White.
Worked with Stephane Pompugnac and featured on the “Hotel Coste” albums.
I released a vinyl album, Lounge cover versions of Barry White hits.
Performing for marriages, parties, corporate events and festivals.
I am the CEO of a web radio station OneLuvFM worldwide broadcasting, promoting new and established musical artists.
I have done most FR3 in France TF1, A2, Radio Monte Carlo with Nagui also Balloon show for him. Toured most of France – Lille to Paris and Lyon to Marseilles to Menton. I now fulfil my dream to work with a band.

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